The Politics of Truth, Power, and Dwelling

by Graham Harman

Our subject is the politics of dwelling. Though for politics we could begin almost anywhere, when it comes to the concept of “dwelling” one specific philosopher comes immediately to mind: Martin Heidegger. His essays “Building Dwelling Thinking” (a meditation on architecture) and “‘Poetically Man Dwells’” (an interpretation of a poem by Hölderlin) have been available in English for more than forty years in the collection Poetry, Language, Thought. Let’s begin by determining what “dwelling” means for Heidegger in these two essays. Once that is done, we will be in position to move to a discussion of the politics of dwelling.

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Attempt magazine issue one with cover image (Party Time II, 2014)
by Christian Newby.


Marianne Walker, Grotta (Neo-Delphic), 2014
Pencil on Paper.